Director Planning and Economic Development -   Ms. Ntomboxolo Eddie

 The Planning and Economic Development is administratively led by Ms Ntomboxolo Charllote Eddie. She is assited in managing the department by  Manager - Local Economic Development position which is currently vacant and Town Planner - Dakalo Emmanuel Muthelo.

The purpose of the Department is:

  • To plan, regulate and coordinate Strategic Planning, Spatial Planning, Economic Development The Department comprises the following divisions
  • Spatial Planning & GIS
  • Economic Development: focusing on Agriculture & Forestry
    • Rural Development
    • SMME Development
    • Tourism

 Objectives of the Department

  • Ensure Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • Promote Spatial and urban efficiency
  • Enable economic growth, addressing poverty, maximize job creation

Departmental KPAs

  • Ensure Improved IDP processes and outcomes.
  • Promote appropriate Performance Management System
  • Promote Functional Spatial Planning and GIS
  • Promote Urban and Rural Development
  • Enabling economic growth
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Maximised job creation