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Municipal Cost Containment Regulations 2019  22/2072019
Construction Procurement Strategy for Elundini Local Municipality 2018-2019 21/09/2018
Supply Chain Management Policy 2018-2019 21/09/2018
Draft Model SCM Policy for SIPDM Annexure A 02/08/2017
Draft Model SCM Policy for SIPDM Annexure B 02/08/2017
Elundini SCM Policy 2017/2018  02/08/2017 
Draft Elundini SCM Policy 2017/2018 08/05/2017
Banking And Investment Policy

Budget Policy

Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy
ELM Construction Procurement Strategy 2015
Fraud Risk Management Policy
Fraud Risk Management Strategy
Indigent Policy
Public Participation Policy
Support Programme For informal Traders Policy