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        ELM women Caucus with Council of Churches united in prayer against spate of accidents along R56                              

Elundini Local Municipality (ELM) women caucus together with the council of churches held a prayer session in Mount Fletcher on 12 August 2019 for the spate of accidents that have increasingly become habitual on the R56 route, domestic violence and ELM area respectively. This event coincided the Women’s Month celebration where women took a stand to protect their communities. It did not end there as the prayer session was followed by an awareness session steered through presentations by stakeholders. Such presentations were from Department of Education (DOE), South African Police Services (SAPS), Municipal Law Enforcement section and Elundini Council of churches painting a picture of what commonly causes these accidents. According to statistics presented by SAPS, the recurrent factor of drunk driving was the main cause especially by males.

On the other hand municipal Law Enforcement indicated that unlicensed drivers increase the number of accidents from time to time. Council of Churches pointed out that they not only appreciate the efforts of congregants but they, as church leaders will play more role in introducing awareness campaigns to combat social ills that affect the society at large.

The prayer was held in Mt Fletcher near R56 to Maclear and it lasted for two hours. According to the organizers, such events will be held periodically in future to pray for various societal ills.