Director Infrastructure Planning and Development - Mrs Sisekho Sako                                    

The Infrastructure Planning and Development (IP&D) department is primarily entrusted to deliver basic service such as household electrification; maintenance of electricity networks; Road construction and maintenance; and the construction of public amenities such as community halls, sport-fields and recreational facilities. IP&D is politically led by Portfolio Head Councillor Thozama Victoria May and administratively led by Mrs Sisekho Sako with the assistance of  Manager Electricity- Mr Luyanda Rozani, Manager Building and Civil Works -Mr Gavin Hall and Manager Project Management Unit - Mothusi Lehlehla. The department is responsible for the following sections:-

  • Project management Units
  • Roads and storm water management.
  • Electricity distribution for Ugie and Maclear towns.
  • Water and sanitation service provision in Ugie, Maclear and Mount Fletcher.
  • Building inspectorate
  1. Project Management Unit

Primarily responsible for the integration, co-ordination, project-management and financially administration of capital infrastructure related projects. Purpose of the unit is to plan, budget, manage (projects and finances) and implement MIG funded projects and any other infrastructure related projects delegated to the unit. The unit is working towards eradicating infrastructure backlogs.

Functions of the PMU:

  • To plan and implement capital projects in an effective an efficient way; and without compromising costs, time and quality.
  • To identify and register MIG funded projects.
  • To ensure that the three year capital implementation plan is Council approved and implemented.
  • To establish and administer contracts with contractors and consultants.
  • Responsible for the administration, project and financial management of MIG funded projects and from other sources of funding
  • Ensuring project management administrative functions, from project registration and evaluation through to final project completion reports, are taken care of.
  • The facilitation of backlog studies and environmental impact assessments of projects when necessary.
  • To ensure implementation of the EPWP principles and submission of necessary reports.
  • To implement the Mayor’s project called Job creation.

2.      Roads and storm-water management

The section is primarily responsible for roads and storm water maintenance. Similarly, the section is responsible for the municipal plant and machinery. The municipality owns a construction grader, a maintenance grader, 2 TLBs, 3 articulated dump trucks, an articulated water tanker, an excavator, a vibratory smooth roller with a pad foot kit.


  • Preparation of roads and storm water maintenance schedule and its implementation
  • Management of municipal plant and machinery
  • Evaluation of roads and storm water facilities

3.      Electricity Distribution

The municipality has a distribution license for Ugie and Maclear. The core function is the installation, operation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure. The section manages electricity losses through its revenue protection unit.